Do I Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in My Home?

electrical panel electrician circuit breakers

Your home’s electrical panel, often referred to as a breaker box, plays a crucial role in a home’s electrical system. It serves as the central hub for distributing power throughout the home. Receiving electricity from your utility company, the electrical panel will direct it to different circuits, providing power to outlets, appliances, and light fixtures. This essential component of your … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling fan loft wood ceiling

Ceiling fans serve some important functions throughout your home. Their main job is to distribute air throughout a room, avoiding any stagnant air in the home, which can lead to many problems like stuffiness, odors, and the accumulation of indoor pollutants.  In concert with heating and AC systems, ceiling fans are also useful for enhancing energy efficiency in the home. … Read More

Can I Add Outlets to My Home?

electrician installing a new outlet

Many people agree that a home with few outlets can be frustrating. Appliances, lighting fixtures, electronics, chargers, and much more require to be plugged into an outlet for power, but what happens when there’s not one in reach? Power strips and extension cords are options, but they can be an eyesore and potential hazard, especially when there are multiple in … Read More