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Heat pumps are more prone to failure and a gradual loss of efficiency as they age. Issues with your heat pump can make your home feel stuffy and uncomfortable and may even lead to health issues, which is why they should never be ignored.

If you need heat pump repair in Huntsville, you can call Blake Brothers Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air at any time of day or night. We’ll send one of our HVAC experts to troubleshoot the problem and come up with the most efficient and economical solutions to get your heat pump working again.

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Heat Pump Repair Done Right

For many years, Huntsville-area locals have relied on Blake Brothers for quality heating repairs. Our customers know that heat pumps are complex devices, and it is essential to work with a reputable HVAC company that they can trust to get the job done right.

When you choose Blake Brothers to handle your heat pump repair, you can count on our technicians to arrive on time, ready to get to work, and offer the right HVAC solutions for you. Our trained heat pump specialists have all the resources they need to troubleshoot and repair your system as soon as possible. We’ll restore your heat pump’s ability to provide you with the highest level of comfort while maintaining optimum operational efficiency.

To protect your home, safety, and peace of mind, we only hire highly skilled and extensively vetted professionals who have passed our background checks. We also have flexible monthly payment plans so you can get repairs done right away if you need to.

6 Common Heat Pump Issues

Heat pumps are dependable and effective ways to heat your home, but just like any other appliance, they can break down. Most heat pump issues don’t start out drastic; they’re usually the result of a long-standing issue that was not detected or addressed soon enough.

Keeping an eye out for the following heat pump issues and contacting an HVAC professional right away will help you avoid more costly and complex problems in the future.

  1. Efficiency issues

If your electric bill shot up all of a sudden, even if there were no significant changes in your energy consumption, your heat pump could be having efficiency problems.

  1. Reduced heating or cooling power

A heat pump that’s taking longer to cool a room or maintain a comfortable temperature is likely experiencing a loss in heating and cooling power.

  1. Mode jamming 

A heat pump that is stuck in “heat” or “cool” mode could be having reversing valve issues. This problem should be an easy fix in the hands of a trained professional.

  1. Loud and strange noises

Loud noises are usually caused by worn-out or loose parts resulting from a lack of proper heat pump maintenance.

  1. Unusual smells

While musty odors in and of themselves may not cause much damage, they typically indicate a significant buildup of dust, which can cause overheating and other problems.

  1. Electrical issues

Flickering lights, buzzing or humming sounds, or short cycling are common signs of an electrical problem and should be dealt with immediately.

If you live in the Huntsville area and need assistance with your heat pump, give Blake Brothers a call right away to set up an appointment. We respond to urgent repair calls quickly and make sure our trucks are well-stocked with basic HVAC parts to keep repair times to a minimum.

In case your heat pump is beyond repair, our technicians can also arrange a heat pump replacement service and even help you choose the perfect unit for your space. No matter what issues plague your heating system, Blake Brothers will be there for you.

What Causes a Heat Pump to Malfunction

Heat pump problems can be traced back to a variety of factors, such as improper fan settings or dirty filters. The following complications can keep your heat pump from working properly or cause it to suddenly fail:

  1. Power or thermostat issues

When a thermostat loses power or has calibration issues, you may need an HVAC expert to check the electrical panel or recalibrate the unit.

  1. Improper Fan Settings

Most of the time, too much hot or cold air is caused by the wrong fan settings. If the heat pump’s fan is set to ON instead of AUTO, the motor will keep running, even in between cycles.

  1. Blocked Registers

Clogged registers can make it seem as though the heat pump isn’t generating any heat at all. Have a professional check the vents and registers in your home to make sure they are clean.

  1. Dirty Coil or Fan

Without routine upkeep and cleaning, dust and debris will build up on the coils. This can compromise the heat pump’s ability to transfer heat and function properly.

  1. Broken Belt

The connector belt may be damaged if the heat pump’s motor turns on but the blower does not produce air flow.

  1. Clogged Filter

If the air filter is clogged, not enough air can get through. This can cause the system to overheat and shut down suddenly.

  1. Loose Parts

Excessive rattling from your heat pump could be the result of loose components. Ask a professional to check your unit for any parts that need to be tightened.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair in Huntsville

Heat pumps tend to fail at the most inconvenient times, often when you need them most. Because we don’t want you to experience discomfort longer than necessary, our HVAC team at Blake Brothers is on call to provide 24/7 emergency heat pump repair in Huntsville and the surrounding areas. No matter what time or day it is, we’ll be there to get your heat pump back up and running and restore comfort to your home.

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