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Air Purification Services in Huntsville, AL

While regular maintenance of your HVAC system can help prevent pollutants from accumulating in the system itself, it’s often not enough. A whole-home air purification system is ideal for combatting allergens and other ultra-fine airborne particles in your home.

Look no further than Blake Brothers for home air purification in Huntsville. Our indoor air quality experts will evaluate your home and determine the best air purification solution for your family, lifestyle, and budget.

Signs Your Home Has Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air purification systems can significantly improve the indoor air quality of any home, but some need them more than others. In homes with awful air quality, a purification system is necessary to improve your family’s quality of life.

Here are a few signs that indicate you have poor indoor air quality:

  • Seasonal Allergies Are a Problem Throughout the Year: Seasonal allergies got their name for a reason, and they shouldn’t be a problem all year-round. If members of your family suffer from allergies, consider purchasing an air purifier to remove the majority of allergens lurking in your home.
  • Your Home Requires More Frequent Dusting: If dust starts to build up on surfaces and window sills immediately after you clean them, there may be a problem with air recirculation.
  • Mold is a Recurring Issue in Your Home: Any home with excessive moisture in the air is susceptible to mold and mildew growth. While purifiers can’t help with excessive humidity, they can stop mold spores from entering and spreading throughout the house.
  • There Are Lingering Unpleasant Odors: An air purifier can help eliminate any lingering odors in your home. Some odor-causing particles may hang around in the air for a while, but air purifiers can break them down and leave you a fresh and clean-smelling home.

Air Filtration vs. Air Purification

There’s a common misconception that air purification and filtration are the same, but they are not. In many cases, air purification systems start where air filtration ends.

While air filters significantly improve indoor air quality, pathogens and other smaller airborne contaminants can still get past them. That’s where air purifiers come in. Air purifiers can eliminate much tinier particles, producing fresher and more allergen-free air. Working together, air purifiers and high-quality air filters ensure the cleanest, purest air quality possible.

For Huntsville, AL, homeowners, the simplest and most efficient way to ensure that your family continually breathes clean, fresh air is to install a whole-home air purification system. They are very effective, quiet, and require almost no maintenance. These purifiers are installed in your existing HVAC system, which allows them to cover every square inch of your home and give you comfort no matter where you are in your house.

For air purifier services in the Huntsville area, call Blake Brothers today. Our highly-trained technicians offer a full range of services, including air filtration system installation and air quality testing. We’re committed to providing excellent service.

Contact us now to learn more and improve your home’s indoor air quality today.

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