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Sump Pump Repair

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Your sump pump may lie idle for most of the year, but you expect it to kick into action and prevent basement flooding when heavy rain starts to pour.

Sump pumps are essential for keeping your basement dry and must be repaired or replaced immediately in case of damage. If you suspect something is wrong with your sump pump, contact Blake Brothers right away. We have been offering high-quality plumbing services to our Huntsville customers and look forward to doing the same for you.

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After a long and tiring day, the last thing you’d want to do is deal with a broken sump pump. So, instead of adding that to your overflowing to-do list, why not add it to ours? Call us at Blake Brothers today, and we’ll send a team of plumbing experts your way to assess the problem.

After thoroughly inspecting the pump, our technician will explain the problem and discuss your best repair options. If the damage is severe and warrants a replacement, we’ll assist you in choosing the appropriate unit for your location. Our services are highly recommended – you can rest assured that your new pump will continue to serve you well in the future.

As a locally owned and operated plumbing company, we are committed to providing 5-star service to all our Huntsville customers. You can count on our competent plumbing professionals to deliver quality sump pump repair and replacement at reasonable rates. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our service, please let us know so we can rectify the issue before we go.

Common Signs of Sump Pump Failure

Dealing with a malfunctioning sump pump is bad enough, but what if it fails in the middle torrential downpour? Fortunately, sump pumps often show visible signs of damage, giving you enough time to contact your local plumber for repairs.

Closely monitoring the functioning and condition of your pump will save you from a flooding disaster. Here are five common signs of failure to watch out for.

  1. Running Non-Stop

A sump pump that continues to run after all the water is removed from the basin puts enormous strain on the motor and is at risk of overheating. If this persists, your pump could get overworked to the point of failure.

  1. Strange Noises

Like every other gadget and appliance in your home, sump pumps make weird noises when something’s wrong in the system. Sump pumps normally operate quietly, so anything louder than a gentle buzz could mean there’s a problem.

  1. Erratic Cycles

Is your pump cycling in sporadic bursts? It’s possibly due to a failed check valve. When this happens, the water being pumped out will flow back into the pit, forcing the system to pump the same water repeatedly. This perpetual activity places a lot of stress on the motor, exhausting the pump and increasing the risk of early failure.

  1. Won’t Turn On

Your pump may fail to turn on for various reasons. If you’re fortunate, the issue is only a tangled float switch, which is simple enough to untangle without professional help. However, if the float switch is the issue, the problem could be serious enough to require a complete replacement.

  1. Rust Formation

Rust in your sump pump is something that you need to fix right away. Rust feeds on the iron in the water and, when not addressed soon enough, can cause water discoloration and clog the system. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Sump pumps can fail at any time. And should yours fail during heavy rainfall, you may have to deal with significant water damage.

Blake Brothers offers emergency plumbing services outside our standard business hours. We have experts on call 24/7 to help you when you need us the most.

How Long Do Sump Pumps Last?

Sump pumps should be replaced every 7 to 10 years on average. Repairing an old pump would cost around the same as replacing it, with a substantially lower return on investment.

But just because they can last a decade doesn’t mean you should wait until your pump is on the verge of failing before replacing them. Several factors influence the life and efficiency of sump pumps, such as frequency of use, average cycle duration, and the volume of water it must displace. Moreover, pumps that do not receive regular maintenance tend to fail much earlier than expected.

Is It Time for a Sump Pump Replacement?

Performance. The best way to know if it’s time to replace your sump pump is to monitor the performance of the pump. If your pump is just a few years old but fails and requires repairs frequently, you’re better off getting a new one.

Old Model. Do you still use an older plastic or PVC pump? Consider upgrading to a cast-iron, self-lubricating pump for better efficiency. These pumps are quieter, more reliable, and require less intensive maintenance.

Age. Replace sump pumps approaching ten years regardless of performance. It’s simply not worth the risk. Besides, replacing a pump is much cheaper and less stressful than renovating a basement ravaged by water damage.

When it’s time to replace your pump, give Blake Brothers a call! You can count on our expert plumbers to recommend the best solutions and deliver exceptional service every time. With us, you get your money’s worth and more!

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