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Over the years, as your air conditioner gets older, it loses efficiency and costs more to operate. Once your AC hits the ten-year mark, it’s time to start looking at replacing it with a newer, high-efficiency unit.

A new unit will be with your home for the next 10 to 15 years. Blake Brothers will help you find a new AC that will fit your needs and budget. We professionally replace and install new air conditioners in Huntsville, Alabama.

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Air Conditioning Installation

If you haven’t decided on which AC system you’d like installed, several options exist. Here are some of the most popular residential air conditioning systems:

Each of these AC systems has different pros and cons, which may suit different home situations. Our expert HVAC professionals can walk you through each option and how each system might benefit your home.

A professional should always perform air conditioning unit installations. Those who are inexperienced may install it incorrectly, potentially causing insufficient cooling and energy inefficiency, as well as creating safety risks.

The seasoned HVAC technicians at Blake Brothers can install any AC model or brand. Our HVAC professionals have been thoroughly trained and fully certified to install ACs in Huntsville, Alabama. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans and warranties to ensure your air conditioning system works efficiently and lasts as long as possible.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Air Conditioner

Repairing your AC may be cheaper at the moment, but in the long run, it may be more cost-effective to replace your AC, especially if it’s outdated. Purchasing a new air conditioner is no small decision, so it’s crucial to understand the difference between needing a repair and a replacement.

Here are five indicators that an AC replacement is necessary:

  1. Your Existing Air Conditioner is Ready to Retire: Air conditioners typically last around 10 to 15 years, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, depending on the model and how many hours it had to operate. As your AC ages, the more energy-inefficient it becomes, the more likely it is to break down.
  2. Repairs are Getting More Expensive: The more maintenance, repairs, and replacement component costs on your AC, the more expensive it is in the long run. Don’t replace an AC part-by-part over time when you could have saved money replacing the whole thing in one go.
  3. Your AC Has a Steady Decline in Efficiency: You may notice that as your AC climbs in age, so does your electric bill. Higher energy bills come from inefficiency that builds up in ACs over time. Consider replacing your AC with a higher SEER efficiency rating of 14 or more.
  4. Your Unit Still Uses R-22 Freon: R-22 Freon refrigerant has been fully phased out due to its harmful environmental effects. If your AC needs to be recharged with R-22 refrigerant, it will cost hundreds of dollars as the supply of R-22 dwindles. New ACs use refrigerants such as R410A, so if your AC still uses R-22 refrigerant, it’s time to upgrade.
  5. Your AC Can No Longer Keep Up With Your Cooling Requirements: If your home is too hot, unnaturally humid, gathers dust more frequently, and your AC takes a long time to cool down your home, it’s time to consider replacing it. Modern AC units are much better at filtering out dust and are significantly more efficient than old AC units.

Blake Brothers AC Replacement & Installation Services

Blake Brothers is proud to offer high-quality professional AC replacement and installation services in Huntsville, Alabama. Our employees undergo extensive screening processes and training to ensure they are competent, trustworthy, and reliable.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our services. When you book online with us, you will receive instant appointment confirmation. We offer affordable and transparent pricing with no surprise charges or hidden fees.

We are available for 24/7 HVAC and plumbing emergencies in Huntsville, day or night. We have excellent financing options with monthly payment plans to fit any budget.

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