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Whole-Home Dehumidifier Systems in Huntsville, AL

Do you feel like there’s excessive moisture in your home? Is your air conditioner working overtime just to keep the humidity level down? Then, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier in your Huntsville home.

Dehumidifiers work similarly to an air conditioner and are explicitly designed to reduce the moisture in your home. Refrigerant is circulated through a coil that attracts moisture through condensation, and then that trapped moisture is removed. This improves indoor air quality and keeps you comfortable throughout the sticky summer months.

Blake Brothers offers dehumidifier installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services in Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding areas.

Signs of High Humidity in Home

A home’s ideal humidity should be between 35 to 45 percent. Keeping the humidity levels in your home within this range can prevent the harmful effects of having too little or too much moisture in the air.

Typically, humidity is low in the winter and high in the summer, but when indoor humidity reaches an excessive amount, you’ll experience one or more of the following signs:

  • Condensation on the windows
  • Water stains along the ceiling and walls
  • Stale, musty odors inside your home
  • Mold and mildew issues
  • Air that feels hot and muggy even when the AC is turned on

If the relative humidity in your home is above 50 percent, consider investing in a home dehumidifier to provide the healthiest and most comfortable living conditions for you and your family. With a dehumidifier in your home, you can more easily fight allergies, asthma, mold growth, and more.

The indoor air quality experts at Blake Brothers can help you decide on the best indoor air quality solutions for your Huntsville home. Contact us to have your home’s humidity levels adequately evaluated.

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