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Plumbing Services in Huntsville, Alabama

Plumbing issues are stressful to deal with and can be hazardous to your home and health. Problems with your plumbing system need immediate attention before disaster strikes, and that’s why we’re here.

When you need repairs on your gas line, sewers, drains, water heaters, and more, Blake Brothers is here to make sure you get the help you need, and fast! We can complete commercial or residential plumbing services in Huntsville and nearby areas day or night, so schedule an appointment with us today.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Having a fully-functional plumbing system is critical for comfort and productivity, but sometimes an unexpected issue arises that can derail your entire schedule. You need a reliable and speedy plumbing company to have your back, day or night. 

For reliable emergency plumbing services in Huntsville, choose Blake Brothers. No matter the scale or complexity of the job, you can count on our certified plumbers to deliver cost-efficient, quality results. We understand how inconvenient a plumbing emergency can be, so our team is on-call and ready to help you any time you need it.

Water Line Repair

A water line break is undoubtedly one of the most stressful plumbing issues a homeowner can encounter. Water lines typically break from extensive use, causing water to begin to pool outside your home, into your yard, and even into the streets. 

Water line breaks are messy and overwhelming, causing significant disruption to daily life and posing risks to your property if not addressed promptly. If you suspect something is wrong with your water line, don’t waste time. Contact Blake Brothers right away! We are available 24/7 for water line repair and replacement in Huntsville.

Gas Line Services

Gas lines are not something to take lightly, as a leak can potentially cause explosions and fires. If you need a gas line repair or installation in Huntsville, Alabama, please do not hesitate to call Blake Brothers.

Gas is highly flammable and can ignite even with a small spark. Prolonged exposure to gas leaks can be fatal and cause health problems, such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea. It’s crucial to act immediately if you suspect a gas leak by evacuating the area, turning off the gas supply, and calling the professionals at Blake Brothers for assistance.

Water Quality Services

Blake Brothers provides water filtration repair and installation services in Huntsville, so you and your family can enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water. A whole house water filtration system can improve your health and is both budget- and environmentally-friendly.

We can also install or repair water softeners to improve your water’s overall quality. Contact Blake Brothers today for water quality and filtration services.

Drain and Sewer Services

Drain and sewer maintenance is important to prevent blockages in your plumbing system that can lead to unpleasant odors, slow drainage, and wastewater flooding into your home. 

Blake Brothers recommends regular professional drain and sewer cleaning to avoid these problems. We use a highly effective cleaning method to clear your home’s drains and sewers, improving your water flow and saving you from making costly repairs or replacements in the future. 

We have experienced technicians and specialized equipment to thoroughly clean your drains and sewers, removing any buildup or blockages that may be causing problems.

Water Heater Services

Blake Brothers provides 24/7 water heater repair services to the Huntsville, Alabama, area. The last thing you want to do is go without a warm shower for multiple days at a time, which is why we make it our duty to be there for our customers anytime a water heater emergency strikes. 

Our experienced technicians will identify the reason for the water heater failure and provide necessary service and repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We suggest routine water heater maintenance to avoid sudden, costly breakdowns and offer full tune-up services to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your water heater. Contact us today for water heater repair, replacement, and installation services!

Blake Brothers uses time-honored techniques along with cutting-edge technology to make sure the job is done right and to your expectations. Contact us today for plumbing services in the Huntsville area.

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