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Plumbing Modification Services in Huntsville, Alabama

Are parts of your plumbing system causing headaches? Leaky faucets, low water pressure, or worn-out plumbing fixtures can be less than ideal for the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom.

At Blake Brothers, we offer expert plumbing modification services to the residents of Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens, Alabama. Transform your older plumbing system into a modern and efficient one.

Our Plumbing Modification Services

Plumbing modifications can be defined as any changes made to your existing plumbing system, which can include a wide range of projects, from simple tasks like replacing a fixture to more complex projects like rerouting pipes.

Our plumbing modification services may take place in the kitchen or bathroom and can include any of the following:

Sink Upgrades

Blake Brothers can perform upgrades that will improve the look and efficiency of your kitchen or bathroom sink, including:

Faucet Upgrades

Here are some examples of faucet upgrades our plumbers can perform to enhance your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor space:

Water and Gas Line Installations

Whether you’re getting a new appliance, renovating your kitchen, or simply upgrading your existing lines, our team can install water or gas lines for you.

Some common services that require gas and water line installation include:

Toilet and Drain Upgrades

We also provide toilet and drain services to transform your bathroom experience. From installing high-efficiency toilets to tackling stubborn drain issues, our team can ensure a seamlessly running bathroom environment.

Contact us today to schedule a plumbing modification service in Huntsville, Decatur, or Athens, Alabama.

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