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Expert Furnace Maintenance Services

Routine heating system tune-ups are important for a furnace’s longevity and peace of mind through the winter. Yet, every year, homeowners and business owners fail to schedule maintenance service visits to ensure their furnace works properly.

Blake Brothers is dedicated to keeping your furnace maintained and saving you money on repair bills. Schedule routine maintenance with Blake Brothers Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, & Air. We provide residential and commercial heating maintenance services in Huntsville, Athens, Madison, and Decatur, Alabama.

The Importance of Routine Heating System Tune-Ups

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, not stretched, and then hurt yourself doing strenuous activity? Your heating system is similar. It does nothing through large portions of the spring, all of summer, and probably the first half of fall. Then winter suddenly hits, and you turn your heater on.

Blockages, animals, corrosion, debris, cracks, loose electrical connections, and all kinds of other problems can affect a furnace and strain its components. A loose electrical connection can cause parts to only work sometimes, strain other parts of the furnace, and eat away at their service life spans.

Regular furnace tune-ups in the fall ensure your furnace is ready and stretched for the heating system. These service visits allow our HVAC technicians to check and clean your furnace’s vital components and look for strained parts that might require replacement.

What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Include?

The HVAC heating technicians at Blake Brothers are trained to work on all makes and models of furnaces in Huntsville. They have a multi-step process for inspecting, cleaning, and testing your furnace and its components.

Here are a few of the specific tasks on the list:

  • Check the heat exchanger for damage or corrosion.
  • Inspect the duct system, vents, and intake grills, and check for blockages.
  • Examine the blower for damage, remove debris, and grease any moving parts.
  • Inspect and tighten electrical components and connections.
  • Replace damaged components or wiring as needed.
  • Check the burner and flame sensor.
  • Examine the belt for damage or cracks.
  • Calibrate and test the thermostat.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Test the system controls, startup cycle, airflow, and heat output.

Our checklist is exhaustive and includes extra steps for different kinds of furnaces. By keeping all parts clean and clear of debris and replacing basic parts before they become a problem, we can keep your furnace operating at peak efficiency and significantly reduce the chances of needing repairs.

Furnace maintenance should occur once a year in the fall. Autumn visits allow us to check for problems before you need to use your furnace. Tune-up visits are easy to schedule and happen when it works best for your schedule. Hasty repair work often occurs at inconvenient times during busy seasons of your life.

Blake Brothers Routine Heater Tune-Up Services

Call Blake Brothers for professional heating system tune-up services in Huntsville, Alabama. Our technicians are trained to handle all systems, and each technician is meticulously vetted. We are dedicated to excellent customer service and guarantee our work.

Our technicians arrive on time and come with trucks stocked with common HVAC replacement parts so we can take care of the vast majority of issues on the spot in a single visit. Contact us to schedule your heater maintenance visit today!

Consider joining our Priority Maintenance Program for included HVAC tune-ups, priority scheduling, ten percent off repair quotes, no emergency repair fees, and more!

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