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Outdoor Hose & Faucet Services in Huntsville, Alabama

Owning a home or building with an outdoor faucet and hose can come in handy for plant watering, yard maintenance, dog-washing, and even just entertainment for pets and kiddos. However, because of the harsh outdoor weather, these plumbing fixtures can suffer leaks or deterioration over time.

If you’re experiencing problems with your outdoor hose and spigot, turn to the professional plumbers at Blake Brothers. Our team offers outdoor faucet services to the residents of Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens, Alabama.

Our Hose & Faucet Services

Replacing and securing a new outdoor hose faucet to your wall is a chore that takes some know-how. Some repairs or replacements require specific knowledge and tools that only a qualified plumber will have. If you require any of the services listed below, reach out to our expert plumbers:

  • Leaky Faucets: A leaky hose bib wastes water and can increase your water bill. Professionals can diagnose the source of the leak (worn washer, damaged valve seat, loose connection) and replace or repair parts to ensure a proper seal.
  • Broken Handles: A broken or stiff handle can make it difficult or impossible to turn the faucet on or off. A plumber can assess the handle mechanism and determine if it needs repair or replacement.
  • Frozen or Burst Pipes: In colder climates, improperly winterized hose bibs can freeze and burst pipes due to expanding ice, causing significant water damage. A professional plumber can inspect the damage and repair the burst pipes, or recommend replacing the hose bib.
  • Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure from your hose bib can make watering your lawn or washing your car a chore. A plumber can diagnose the cause (clogged screens, faulty pressure regulator, etc.) and implement the appropriate solution.
  • Hidden Leaks: Sometimes leaks occur underground where the water supply line connects to the hose bib. These leaks can be difficult to detect and may lead to higher water bills and foundation problems. A professional plumber can use commercial tools to locate hidden leaks and repair the damaged line.
  • Complex Repairs: Some repairs, like replacing a cracked hose bib body or fixing internal valve mechanisms, require specific knowledge and plumbing expertise. A qualified plumber will have the tools and experience to handle these complex repairs efficiently.


Contact us today if you require outdoor faucet and hose replacement or repair services in Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens, Alabama.

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