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Plumbing Remodeling Services in Huntsville, Alabama

Outdated or malfunctioning plumbing can quickly dampen your dream bathroom or kitchen. Here at Blake Brothers, we specialize in transforming your old space into one that has all the features you are hoping for!

Call the plumbers at Blake Brothers today to bring your vision to life with our plumbing remodeling services in Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens, Alabama.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Services

Hiring professionals to handle plumbing renovations makes the process as stress-free as possible. Professional plumbers can remove and properly dispose of existing plumbing fixtures while ensuring that new appliances are installed correctly and work efficiently. Bathrooms are one space that especially needs reliable plumbing.

Below is a list of our bathroom plumbing remodeling services:

  • Installations: We can handle any bathroom plumbing installations needed during your bathroom remodel, including showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, faucets, and more! We’ll also ensure that the new plumbing fixtures are connected to the necessary supply lines.
  • Repiping: Whenever remodels take place, new water supply lines are likely to be installed. The same goes for gas supply lines or additional lines that might need to be installed for certain equipment.
  • Drain and Sewer Services: Most fixtures in your bathroom will require a sewer line to be hooked up for proper drainage in the home. Additionally, we offer drain cleaning services for clogged lines.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services

A kitchen plumbing remodel can breathe life into your cooking and cleaning space, but there’s more that goes into this process than just installing a shiny new faucet.

Below is a list of our kitchen plumbing remodeling services:

  • Installations & Repair: From faucet repair to installing a new instant hot water fixture, the plumbers at Blake Brothers will ensure that your kitchen remodel not only looks new but also functions efficiently.
  • Repiping: If you’re adding kitchen appliances or upgrading their functionality, we can install new water, gas, or sewer lines to accommodate newer features like ice makers and purified drinking water dispensers.
  • Drain and Sewer Services: Upgrading sewer and drain lines during your kitchen remodel can help prevent back-ups, odors, and slow-draining problems in the kitchen. We can also repair or install a new garbage disposal.

Rely on the plumbers at Blake Brothers for all of your plumbing remodeling needs. Contact us today for a free consultation on kitchen and bathroom plumbing remodeling in Huntsville, Decatur, and Athens, Alabama.

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